How to Teach Your Kids Spanish (Even If You Don’t Speak It Yourself)

Teaching your kids Spanish is fun when you’re learning together!

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Would you love to teach your kids Spanish, but don’t feel confident enough in your own Spanish ability to actually do it?

Maybe you took Spanish back in high school, but have forgotten most of it since then.

Maybe you never learned Spanish at all, and think teaching it to your children would be downright impossible.

Even if you’re a native Spanish speaker, teaching it to your own kids is hard when they’re surrounded by English all day.

I’ve heard so many parents say that they wish they knew how to speak Spanish so that their kids could learn it.

I’m here to tell you that as long as you have an interest and enthusiasm for learning Spanish, you will have a BLAST learning it together along with your kids.

I’ll show you how to teach your kids Spanish and have fun with it, no matter how much Spanish you currently know.

Start by creating a print-rich home environment in Spanish

Stick Spanish labels on everything you can think of

It is SO easy to forget to incorporate Spanish into your family’s everyday life.

Trust me, I know.

As a mom of two toddler boys who are 13 months apart, I often can’t remember which shoes belong to whom, let alone remember to speak a little Spanish with them every day.

It just wasn’t a huge priority in our house, amid all the spills, scraped knees, and piles of laundry.

One thing that has helped immensely is sticking Spanish labels around the house, on just about everything – furniture, appliances, even our poor cat. (That didn’t last long).

You can totally make them yourself using a marker and some sticky notes, but if you don’t know all the Spanish vocab or don’t have a ton of sticky notes on hand, that can be a bit daunting.

That’s why I created a set of free printable illustrated Spanish labels for your home for you!

Spanish labels for your home

☑️ Sign up below and you’ll get a FREE four-page PDF file with full-color illustrated Spanish labels for four rooms in your home – the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom.

The file includes some blank labels as well, so that you can create your own.

Did I mention they’re totally free?

They’re really versatile too. You can laminate them, stick them all around your house, punch a hole in them with a one-hole punch like this one and put them on a key ring, or play sorting games with them.

This AmazonBasics laminator is super affordable and will keep your labels safe from sticky fingers. Once you have a laminator, you’ll be amazed at how much you use it!

They’re such an easy way to get your kids interested in Spanish, and are a great reminder to speak a little Spanish every single day.

Libros, Libros, y Más Libros

(Books, Books, and More Books)

Another way to create a print-rich Spanish environment at home is by having plenty Spanish books on the shelves. Or on the floor… or stuck behind the radiator…

If you’re not very comfortable with Spanish, start with a fun and colorful picture dictionary. Then everyone can learn together!

☑️ Here is a list of highly rated Spanish picture dictionary board books to get you started.

Primeras 100 Palabras book
If you see a coupon available for this book, grab it! I’ve seen it on sale on Amazon with a coupon that brings it below $6.

Need more ideas? Check these out:

Even if you already speak Spanish, picture dictionaries are a wonderful way to brush up on lots of vocab you may have forgotten, and kids LOVE them.

Pick one with beautiful illustrations and bright colors. Your kids will love it!

If you want more suggestions for Spanish books for kids, check out my post Spanish Books for Kids – Let’s Get Reading!

PRO TIP: If your uncertainty about Spanish pronunciation is holding you back from reading Spanish books with your kids, simply type a word into Google Translate and click the audio icon! You’ll hear the word spoken out loud.

Learn Spanish together with music

Who doesn’t love music?

As a bonus, music is GREAT for children’s (and everybody’s!) language development.

When I was a Spanish immersion camp counselor, music was a huge part of our day, all day every day. We sang together in the morning, afternoon, and evening, and there was good reason for that.

Music teaches the rhythm, sounds, and words of a language in a way that kids love and never get tired of. (Trust me, after singing La lechuza a gazillion times of day, they. never. get. tired. of. it.)

The great thing about music is that you get to listen along and learn the Spanish words and pronunciation for yourself. You will learn just as much as your kids, and once you know a song by heart (it won’t take long!), you can sing them together any time of day.

Check out these posts if you need some great ideas for Spanish songs for kids:

The BEST place to find free printable Spanish activities for kids

Sometimes you just need something easy-peasy for the kids to work on while you vacuum up the Cheerios on the floor, amirite?

I found a great place online to download and print FREE worksheets of all kinds.

It’s called Teachers Pay Teachers, and it’s a marketplace for teachers to sell printable activities for teachers and homeschooling parents for every subject and age group.

The super cool thing that I didn’t realize is that when you search for something, look at the left-hand menu and scroll down to Price. Select Free, and you’ll get a list of free resources.

And there are LOTS of free activities on there.

Here are the search results for free “Spanish coloring” activities – There are over 400 of them!

You can filter your results further to find the perfect activities for your family.

This is not limited to just Spanish either. You can find free resources for every subject area under the sun, for all ages.

Seriously, it’s the best thing ever.

Once you start browsing around, an hour will fly by just like that. So be warned! It’s highly addictive.

You don’t need to be an expert Spanish speaker to teach your kids Spanish!

I hope that by now you see that you really don’t need to be fluent, or even close, in Spanish to start learning Spanish with your children.

You don’t even have to know any Spanish whatsoever!

The only thing you need is an interest in learning Spanish and an enthusiasm for it. Your enthusiasm will rub off on your kids, and you’ll have so much fun learning Spanish together.

Oh, and a little sense of humor helps. That always helps.

Did you give any of these ideas a try in your family? Do you have other suggestions for parents who don’t know much Spanish to get started teaching Spanish to their kids? Let us know below in the comments! I would love to hear from you.

How to teach your kids Spanish

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How to Teach Your Kids Spanish (Even If You Don’t Speak It Yourself)

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