Spanish Games for Kids

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Games are a really great way for the whole family to learn Spanish and have fun at the same time!

Here some of my favorite Spanish games for kids that I’ve used as a student, a teacher, and a mom.


Loteria game card

Lotería, or Spanish Bingo, was always our go-to Friday game in high school Spanish class. I still remember walking into the classroom and everyone excitedly saying, “We’re playing Lotería!”

It’s played just like Bingo, but with Spanish words printed on beautiful picture cards. You can purchase the physical game or download and print to play at home.

This game is great as-is for older kids, I’d say probably 3rd grade and up. However, younger kids can have fun matching the cards with the pictures on their game cards and learning vocabulary too!

Diego Dice (Simón Dice)

Children with arms up in the air

Diego Dice, sometimes known as Simón Dice, is the Spanish version of Simon Says.

It’s a great game for practicing your Spanish mandatos, or commands, using the infinitive form of the verbs.

For example: “Diego dice Levantarse la mano.” (Simon says Raise your hand).

It’s played just like the English version. Players get out when they do an action that didn’t start with “Diego dice.”

Spanish Bananagrams

Spanish Bananagrams game

Did you know that the award-winning Bananagrams game has a Spanish version too?

Spanish Bananagrams is great because you can play it alone as a solitaire game, or with up to 8 players.

The difference between Spanish and English-only Bananagrams is that the Spanish version comes with two each of CH, LL, RR, and Ñ tiles. Also, the tiles include more vowels than the English version, which is very important when forming Spanish words.

Strangely enough, it does come with K and W tiles, which are very rarely used in Spanish. You can take those out before playing, if you wish.

This game is great for kids ages 8+ who have at least basic Spanish vocabulary and spelling skills.

If you’re looking to play with younger or more inexperienced players, check out all the ideas at Spanish Playground for how to use the Spanish Bananagrams tiles with all levels of kids!

Ochos Locos

Ochos Locos game

Do you love the card game Crazy Eights? Now you can play in Spanish with Ochos Locos!

It’s billed as “the spiced up game of Crazy Eights,” con un toque picante.

8s are still wild, but the twist with Ochos Locos is that it contains pepper cards (jalapeño, poblano, etc.) that create new rules and fun.

It’s a great way to practice the numbers in Spanish and have a great time doing it.

You’ll need two or more players, and is best for kids 7+.

Spanish-English Zingo!

Spanish English Zingo game

Zingo! is an awesome Bingo game played with a cool little machine, called the Zinger, that spits out tiles with words and pictures on them.

I was lucky enough to get to try the game out at my local library, and my 3-year-old loved making the tiles come out.

Spanish-English Zingo is just like the original Zingo, but with the Spanish word on one side of the cards and tiles, and the English word on the other side.

It can be hard to find online, but I found it available on the AKJ Education website.


Linguacious game

Linguacious is a really unique flashcard set that has won multiple awards, including the Tillywig Brain Child Award and Creative Child Magazine’s 2018 Game of the Year Award.

Linguacious flashcards are Spanish vocabulary flashcards with a high-tech twist. One side of the card has a photo and the other side has the Spanish word. The really cool part is that each side has a QR code, and when you scan it with your phone, you get to hear the pronunciation of the word by a native Spanish speaker.

The cards also have numbers and suits on them, like regular playing cards, and a set of instructions with multiple games you can play with them, including Word Whiz, Snakes and Ladders, and Tic-Tac-Toe.

Each set has a different theme, such as Around the Home, Foods and Drinks, Colors, Shapes & Numbers, Animals, and Verbs & Phrases.

This one is recommended for ages 2+, which means it’s great for even the youngest learners.

TableTopics Español

Table Topics Espanol game

TableTopics Español is a set of conversation cards that will get you and the whole family speaking Spanish.

It comes with 135 questions packaged in an acrylic cube.

The questions are appropriate for all ages, and range from silly to thought-provoking.

The great thing about this set is that the questions are printed in both Spanish and English on each card, so you can use the English translations as needed to get everyone talking.

This game is great with kids 8+, and with at least basic Spanish conversational skills in order to use the Spanish version. However, since the questions are also in English, it’s a great game for anyone no matter what language they want to answer in!

Turn Your Favorite Word Games Into Spanish

You definitely don’t need to spend money on games in order to play and learn Spanish with your family.

You can turn any game you want into Spanish!

The sky is the limit when it comes to converting your favorite games into Spanish. Charades, Hangman, Scrabble, Pictionary, Taboo, and many, many others can be played in Spanish.

Have you tried any of the above Spanish games with your family? Or have you played others? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you.

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Spanish Games for Kids

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